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Whether you're cooking ribs, chicken, pork steaks or Boston butt on the grill, prepare them with Strawberry's Shake-on Bar-B-Que Seasoning first! You'll enjoy the flavor you thought you could only get at your favorite barbeque restaurant!
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You don't have to be a chef to cook great barbeque! But you do need the right ingredients and we've got them right here! Strawberry's Shake-on Bar-B-Que Seasonings is now available online! That's right! You can enjoy Strawberry's Grand Champion shake-on Bar-B-Q seasonings and Bar-B-Q basting sauces at home.

Straw's newest product is Strawberry's Backyard Steak Shake. It is designed for T-Bones, New York Strips, Porterhouse, and Rib-Eyes steaks, and can be used as an all purpose seasoning.

Don't forget, while you're here, to register to win Strawberry's shake-on seasonings, and visit the history of Jerry "Straw" Holsten and his World Championship-winning barbeque products. Want to join us for dinner or lunch? Check out handy map for directions.

Whether you spell it barbeque, barbecue, bar-b-que or bar-b-cue, you won't find a tastier treat than Strawberry's Bar-B-Que Seasonings!

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